How do I enable and disable two-factor authentication?

Please note that this FAQ is for the Narrative platform only, and does not apply to this support site.

Enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Click on your avatar on the top right and select Manage Account, then the Security tab.

Two Factor Authentication is defaulted to Disabled.  Slide the toggle to the other side to enable two-factor authentication.  On the resulting popup (see below) window enter your Narrative password.


Then open your Google Authenticator App.  In the App click on the plus (+)  sign, then click "Scan a Barcode". 

Use the scanner on the phone to scan the QR code on the popup.

Once you have scanned the QR code you'll see a new entry labeled Narrative. Copy the code that is displayed for Narrative into the popup window in the field called "Enter the 6-Digit Code from the Google Authenticator App"  and click Submit.

Now you're presented with a new popup that has a series of code numbers. These are your unique backup numbers and are the ONLY way to retrieve your Narrative account if you lose your authenticator app. 

These codes will not work for you.
Print the list, or take a screen shot, and keep it safe.  If you lose this list and lose your Authenticator app your Narrative account cannot be retrieved. It will be gone forever.

Important! If you lose these backup codes and also lose your authenticator app you will not be able to retrieve your Narrative account.  Narrative support staff cannot retrieve, disable, or reset your two-factor auth.  Keep these codes in a safe place.

Now that your 2FA is set up in Narrative, when you sign into Narrative you will enter your email and password and then you will be prompted to enter the code found in your Google Authenticator. 

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

If you have enabled 2FA in Narrative, you can disable it anytime.  Click on your avatar on the top right and select Manage Account, then the Security tab.

Slide the switch to turn two-factor auth Off.  You will need to enter your current password and the 6 digit code from your authenticator app.  This will remove two-factor auth from your account.

How do I recover my account if I have lost my authenticator app?


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