How do I get a Wallet?

When do you need a Wallet? You only need a wallet if you are sending, storing, or receiving digital currency. On Narrative that would be taking actions such as purchasing a Niche using NRVE (instead of credit card), or if you decide to Redeem Narrative Reward points for NRVE.

Below is an example for setting up a quick desktop wallet that supports the NRVE Token.  It will hold NRVE and will also hold any other token which is on the NEO blockchain. 

Go to

NEON Wallet Homepage

  • Download the correct version: Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems
  • After downloading, open application. If you are using macOS, you may need to confirm that the application is safe to open by going to Settings/Security & Privacy, finding the application and authorizing the application to open.

Security and Privacy Message Screen

Once NEON Wallet application is open:

  • Create a new wallet.
  • Enter a passphrase (sequence of words)
  • Pop up window reveals your private keys — print (lock it up somewhere), and save to a safe place! If you lose this, your funds cannot be recovered!!!!
  • Your public key is also displayed. 

Once you have established your wallet, you can access anytime.  You will launch NEON Wallet.

Log In Screen

You will Select your Wallet (e.g., Primary) and the Passphrase you entered. Your wallet will then pop up.


You can see your public address up top and any tokens you sent to your wallet are seen here.  You can also use the menu on the left to see activities and to help you send and receive tokens.

If you are sending NRVE from your wallet to an exchange or to another address, click on the Send tab, and you will see the field to enter or copy the Public Address of where you are sending your NRVE Assets. Similarly, if your wallet is going to receive NRVE from another person or entity, you will find the address you are to provide the sender of the NRVE assets to your Neon wallet.

Whichever wallet software you choose, be sure to choose one that supports all NEP-5 tokens, and provides you with the private keys.  Remember if you don't hold the private keys, you do not control and ultimately own the contents.


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