Overview on How to Buy NRVE

Obtaining NRVE is a multi-step process since you cannot buy NRVE directly. You must exchange it from either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or NEO cryptocurrencies. 

Step 1: Obtain Crypto Currency to Exchange for NRVE

If you already have BTC, ETH or NEO, you can skip to Step 2.

If you do not have the crypto currencies BTC or ETH, you can purchase at some large exchange like Coinbase. NEO cannot be purchased on Coinbase.  You can buy NEO directly from Switcheo in their Fiat Gateway.  Alternatively, you can obtain NEO by trading with ETH or Bitcoin on exchanges like HitBTC, Binance, or Kucoin, and then go to Switcheo to trade to NRVE. 

To set up a Coinbase Account and obtain ETH or BTC, see the Addendum end of this FAQ.  Right now, most of the centralized exchanges to trade NRVE require ETH so it would be best to purchase ETH to exchange to NRVE. 

Step 2: Exchange BTC, ETH or NEO for NRVE

Once you have your ETH (or BTC), you can use the LAToken, or Bilaxy exchanges to convert ETH to NRVE.  See these guides for Bilaxy and LATOKEN to walk you through these exchanges. 

If you want to use the decentralized exchange, Switcheo, you will need to have the cryptocurrency NEO.  

Step 3: Store your NRVE in a Crypto currency Wallet

Once you have purchased  NRVE (or are redeeming from the Narrative platform), you should store it in a hot or cold wallet.  Never keep your NRVE in the exchange wallets as there are people coming in and out of the exchanges constantly which poses risk to all assets stored. You should obtain what you need on the exchange and the withdrawal into a separate wallet  for storage when your exchange is completed.  

NRVE is a NEP-5 Token and needs to be stored in a wallet that supports the storage of this token.  The NEON wallet is one of the most popular NEP-5 Token Wallets that you can store your crypto on line.  

Here is a separate guide to Create a NEON Wallet. 

Now you are done! 

Addendum:  How to Set up a Coinbase Account to convert your fiat or dollars to Crypto

Go to Coinbase www.coinbase.com. This allows you to buy cryptocurrency using standard banking assets like a debit card or bank account. Note you need to own a larger volume cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to trade for other tokens (e.g. NRVE) in Step 2.

  • Click on the top right “Sign Up” and enter your information.

The system will send you an email to verify based on the email you provided.

  • When asked, add mobile phone number and click send code
  • Check your phone for text and enter 7 digit code on the Coinbase site.
  • Verify Your Identity window pops up. Fill out accordingly and click on the blue Continue button

Coinbase Verify

You will return to the Main page. Click on Add a Payment Method

Coinbase Add Payment

If you select debit card option, your money will be deposited quickly. If you use bank routing, it may take several days for the bank account to be validated.

You will be asked for your Drivers License or other Identification.

There is an option to use your computer camera to hold up the document and take a picture of both the front and back side of the identification document. If you do not have a camera on your computer, you can take from your phone or computer and upload the pictures.

Once you submit, you will get a message that your identity is being checked and you will get an email when your identity is validated.

The system will then validate that the debit card is real and will ask you to verify two pending withdrawal holds. You will need to look at your bank account for this and then enter what you see.

Coinbase Verify Credit Card

While these seem like a lot of steps, it is important to protect your assets. 

The next step is to exchange dollars to Crypto. Click on Buy/Sell on the top menu. The Buy tab should default.

Coinbase BUY Crypto

Select ETH as the Cryptocurrency. Then Select your Payment Method. Then Enter the Amount you want to purchase.  When done, click the Buy Ethereum button. If you have purchased a NICHE, here is guide to help you figure out how much ETH you might need that will convert to the NRVE you need. 

Validate your cryptocurrency is available by Clicking on the Accounts tab on the top. You should see the Ethereum (ETH) that you purchased. Note that it may not be instantaneous — blockchains need to be validated. 

Next Step: To Convert your ETH or BTC to NRVE, see the guides in Step 2 listed above. 


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