What is HQ?

HQ is the governance and network administration area for Narrative.  The following  are included in HQ.

Suggest a Niche:  Niches are unique subjects in Narrative where content is aggregated. If you cannot find a Niche in the system, you can suggest a new one.  

Create a Publication:  Publications are branded spaces within Narrative that offer control over who can write, edit, or administer content.  This is good option for groups or organizations looking for more control. 

Approvals:  This is where the community votes on all newly suggested Niches. The community vote is to ensure that the Niche is unique and does not violate the ToS or AUP. 

Auctions: Approved Niches are sold via auction to the highest bidder. Niche owners receive 10% of the monthly rewards. 

Moderators: Each Niche is required to have at least 1 elected moderators. Moderators ensure that the content for the Niche is appropriate.  Please note that Moderator elections have not occurred yet; Niche owners are currently serving as de facto moderators.  At this time, members can nominate themselves for election. 

Tribunal: This is the elected body of members that vote on appeals. Please note that Tribunal elections have not occurred yet; therefore, the members are comprised of volunteer Narrative Staff and Community members at this time.

Appeals: Members who disagree with a vote, can make an appeal. For example, if a Niche is approved by the members but there is reason to believe it is a duplicate of an existing Niche, then a member can appeal the Niche to be rejected. Tribunal votes on the appeals are captured in this section.

Reporting: This is where the Narrative platform stats are displayed. Rewards are included in this section.

All members can participate in most governance activities, unless their reputation is Conduct Negative. 

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