What is the Status of Narrative?

Updated on August 24, 2019.

Narrative is in early beta. This means, we rolled out functionality for a lot of the key modules but still in active development and there are new releases coming out all the time.  Want to read the Spec?

Key Modules that are available now. 

  • Posting Content. We have a post text editor to allow members to post content and images.  There is also the ability to embed videos.  Posts can be published to up to three Niches (subjects) as well as your own Personal Journal.  You can also publish a post to a Publication Channel, if you are an approved writer, editor or admin of the Publication.  We will be adding new functions later such as supporting video. All posts are public. Need help making a Post?
  • Content Streams.  We have created 2 distinct content streams for everyone registered. The Home stream is filled with content that appears in the Niches (subjects) that you follow or the members you follow.   This is your happy place!   The Discovery Stream is comprised of things throughout the platform - regardless of what you care about. Both the Discovery and Home content streams are organized by Featured, Trending, Quality, and Recent posts.  You can filter out the lower quality posts via your Profile. How do you find Content?
  • Reputation.  Every member has a reputation that is based on their actions in Narrative. The higher your reputation, the more your votes count. Since we are in early beta, we are constantly watching actions and tweaking this formula. How does reputation work?
  • Rewards and Redemptions.  Every month, we divide up the Narrative revenue that has been earned based on their performance.  Members can see their rewards on their profile.   Niche earnings are also displayed and you can see earnings for each piece of content.  We only do this monthly, so newer posts are not eligible. You can also redeem your points into NRVE that can be exchange to your local currency. Where can you find Rewards?
  • Publications are branded channels that allow organizations and other groups to maintain their own presence on the network, with complete editorial control over the content they post.   They have owners, admins, editors and writers.  Publication posts can be cross-posted to Niches as well. Here are the details on Publications

Governance (Found in HQ)

  • Niche Suggestions, Approvals, and Purchases. Niches are how we organize content to aid in discovery.  For example, if you create a post about your travel to Europe, you can post to niches on Europe, Travel, or even  Traveling Europe or Shoestring Travel. As an author you decide but they should be applicable to the subject/Niche. Niches are suggested, then approved by members as unique before they are available to be purchased.  Members purchase them because Niche owners get 10% of the overall rewards monthly. If someone posts good content to a Niche, the owner is rewarded.  Niches are purchased via an auctioning system similar to EBAY.  Only active niches are available to post content. What is the benefit of owning a Niche
  • HQ: Moderator Self Nominations. Every Niche will have a moderator. The purpose of the Moderator is to make sure that all posts affiliated with the Niche are appropriate to the Niche definition.  We have not rolled out the moderator tools yet, so until that happens, the Niche owners are the de facto moderators.  However, members can start nominate themselves to be moderators of Niches. When the moderator tools are ready and the Elections are ready, we will hold moderator elections. What are Niche moderators?
  • Tribunal and Appeals.  We have a Tribunal which are the arbitrators of appeals.  A community member can appeal a decision such as a Niche approval.  Currently, the Tribunal is comprised of Narrative staff.  We will open this up to community members via an election process in the coming months.  We need to roll out Moderator Elections and fine tune some reputation before holding these elections.

What is coming next?  Moderator Elections, Tribunal Elections, Tips, and Notification Improvements. See the Roadmap.