A Big Thank You to All my Friends, who Keep my Niches Alive!

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A big thank you to all my friends, who keep my niches alive in these times!

 I don´t want to name the persons, but i really appreciate your help to keep my niches alive. I can´t post, comment or change anything at tne moment, but I am still alive through you :-)

 PS: When I read all the discussions about plagiarism, downvote, behaviour and so on, I am a little disappointed, because  my articles, which I added to narrative at the beginning phase in April with good values are a peanut problem compared to the concerns of today. Since April to November I am being punished for posting a few articles with the intention to create good values here on narrative, even though I copied them. I know it is my fault! But how many are punished so hard on narrative? Can I see a list somewhere?  It says the formula will be redefined. I am happy about that  and  I hope  to restore my reputation soon! 

Thank you again!


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