An unexpected error occurred

Product: Narrative

I have problems opening some pages on In particular, I get an error message "An unexpected error occurred" when I try to open:

1. Activity tab on my account:
Reference ID: [-1194295118][1608765659]0.5.1-a7402ec-prod-narrative-core-67bb4cd85d-z79hf

2. Niche 'Micro Fiction':
Reference ID: [-1868026140][1608765659]0.5.1-a7402ec-prod-narrative-core-67bb4cd85d-d84mx

3. A certain approval page:
The page number can be different. Probably, the page where 'Micro Fiction' niche to be displayed.
Reference ID: [603623860][1608765659]0.5.1-a7402ec-prod-narrative-core-67bb4cd85d-z79hf

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