Appeals process for down votes?

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Is there an appeals process for down votes? I received a down vote on a short article with an original photograph. There was no other feedback offered, just an anonymous down vote.

I am new to Narrative, and I am curious how this process works and what the significance of these down votes are. My understanding by reading the down vote screen is there are three options for choosing the down vote. Is there a way to see which of these three were selected, if any?

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We don't have an appeals process for downvotes. When I looked at the post, it only had 3 votes. So, a single downvote might be there but I wouldn't worry about. People rate as they want.  You can't get upset if you receive a downvote here or there. 

Also, please note that higher reputation members ratings have a bigger impact on votes. Reputation is a complex formula that we are watching very closely for improvements during this early beta.

If you are interested in learning more ...feel free to read the Spec we are building to here:

Thanks for joining Narrative! 

Thanks, Molly.

I appreciate the information. I definitely won't let it get me down; However, it would be useful to know why a person believed that post negatively contributed to the platform.

My goal as a writer is to put out the best quality possible. It is difficult to improve when there is no actionable feedback. Perhaps this is an area that developers can look into.

I am happy to be here. I enjoy the platform so far, and I am looking forward to taking part as it grows.

Hello @Lloyd Duhon - if you agree with the above suggestion, you can add your 'vote' to it by using the Vote for Suggestion button, just beneath the main title of the suggestion.  This helps the Narrative Team understand what the Community's priorities are.

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