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Once you've found your favorite things on Etsy to post about, as recommended by @Malkazoid, come up with some fun questions to Ask Narrative, which is one of my niches, and apparently a GREAT way to build your rep, since comments that answer your questions contribute to your quality score!

Since the title field has a strict character limit, you may need to split up your question with ellipses between the title and subtitle, or even the body text.

The following are questions I already have drafted:

  • Who is your favorite fictional villain?

  • What is your hidden talent?

  • What is the best piece of advice you were ever given? And did you take it?

  • What movie do people keep telling you to watch that you still haven't seen?

  • What 10 words would you say to yourself 10 years ago? You know, to help your younger self make it through.

  • What's your very specific favorite color?

  • What's your mediocre-power?

  • What is the best viewing order for ALL Star Wars movies? Include all to date, even Rogue One and Solo!

  • Would you rather fight 1 llama-sized corgi or 100 corgi-sized llamas?

  • If a genie granted you 1 wish, how would you word it? How would you make sure it didn't get twisted?

For best visibility, I recommend using imaging software or a website like Canva to make a graphic of the question.

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Ever since this niche was suggested, I've been trying to figure out what kind of question I could ask that wouldn't make me just like everyone else asking questions. Maybe it's this ...

What kind of question would one ask the Ask Narrative niche if one wanted to be different from every other asker?

@Onlinedollars The questions can be about ANYTHING that doesn't violate the AUP.  As per my recently approve edit request, the niche definition requires the title to be in the form of a question, and it can't be rhetorical. You have to be looking for people to answer the question in the comments.

@Garden Gnome Publications I haven't looked at the platform yet today (got here from my email notifications) so that would be a great question to ask that would give every respondent a post of their own in the niche. I wholeheartedly support asking this one if you haven't already!

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