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A week ago I bid on Basketball Coaching, and had a person keep bidding driving cost up to 33,000 nerve,.  I bring this up because after looking at his profile he seems to be a troll. So the niche is now $800 +.

Thank you for any help.


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Gary, unfortunately there's nothing we can do here. The only options now are to either pay for the niche, or don't pay, take the short conduct negative hit, and then when you can bid again you can try the auction again.

We are putting in measures to help prevent trolls and it should be in this week, so you might want to wait on that. We cannot intervene in an auction or change the price though, sorry.

I think it would be helpful if a warning was placed where bidders could see it, at least until the issue is resolved. It could advise bidders to stop and check the status of any counter-bidders before attempting to out-bid them.  If it turns out the opposing bidder is likely a troll, the legit bidder can then withdraw. 

Sorry to hear you've been hit by this troublemaker @@Trous 

It's definitely unfortunate, but whether you are bidding against a troll or not, you should never bid more than you want for any niche.  We've seen many legitimate bidding wars, so you also should not assume that you are bidding against a bad actor. 

We outlined some improvements we are rolling this week in this post:


Specifically, see item B there, which talks about new requirements that will be added for auction bidders (designed to reduce the impact of trolls).

Hang in there, @@Trous!

As David Dreezermentioned, it's not a bad idea to do the following: don't pay for the niche, take the short conduct negative hit, and then ,when you can bid again, you can try the auction again. In fact, some of the niches that were bid on by the "suspicious" accounts have gone back to the active auctions list again and it seems that the trolling activity has ceased now, at least I have been able to bid on and win an auction without interference.

There are a few niches that are most likely not going to be paid for as they were won by those "suspicious" accounts, so they most likely will be back to the active auctions list again.

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