Automatically Block Spam Accounts Under 20 Rep When XX Posts Have Reached Low Quality Score

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On the Discover page, just now, I found 10 good posts among the last 50 posted. 40 out of 50 were trash spam posts! And all of them were from low-rep newly created accounts. 

In concert with @Sardart's suggestion in a recent @Colleen Ryer suggestion (here) to limit posts to 1 per day for accounts with 50 rep or below, 2 posts per day for accounts with 80 rep or below, and 3 posts per day for accounts with rep above 80, I offer the following suggestion on top of that brilliant suggestion ...

Automatically block accounts with rep below 20 if they have 5 posts reach a low-quality score. Lock them so they can't be used any more. In order for those accounts to be re-activated, the user should have to file a petition to the Tribunal for an account review and prove they aren't spammers/plagiarists.

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Absolutely agree. This is easy, guarantees everyone and gives no room for abuse anywhere. I hope and think that the team is in trouble because of the hurricane. But I trust in their intervention.


This is another excellent idea.   So your community is not just telling you about problems, we are suggesting solutions.  WE CARE! But we are only going to beat our heads against the wall for so long.  

I'm on the west coast PST and these spammers hit hard right now, late in the evening (1am as I type).  I feel sorry for y'all waking up in the morning to see this what a crappy way to start the day.

This is a brilliant suggestion. I have no idea what sort of development resources this would entail, but it should be one of your priority items. Combined with some other suggestions that have been floated around, this would alleviate a LOT of problems the platform is facing with the status quo.

I agree with you. Your suggestions are very good. But to me it seems by not sharing the post as a reputation. It can be done that, A user cannot post more than 3/4 of every 24 hours. Shared as reputations, low reputations users will not continue their work for long. Because to increase their reputation, they need to post daily 3/4. But either way it is, It is very important to have a limitation to post.

Forgive me if I'm wrong. Thanks

@The Crazy Goal If the idea is to post quality content, how many can produce 3 or 4 top quality posts every day? 1 really good post deserves a lot of votes - and voting, along with good quality comments also builds reputation, as well as earning rewards. Spending more time creating a single great post could actually get a new member further, sooner IMO.

This is a good suggestion - it would at least stop those accounts in their tracks and the community would decide, via downvoting the spam, when an account has reached this condition.  And we cannot say this enough - LIMIT THE NUMBER OF POSTS PER DAY! It doesn't which of the great suggestions that have been so far - base it on reputation, base it on 1 free post and pay small fees for extra posts - just do SOMETHING to stop this ridiculous spamming that is killing the platform.  

I agree with @blueeyes8960 that the important thing is to kill the spam accounts before they grow too big. That's the idea, so which solution chosen isn't as important as making it happen. @The Crazy Goal, it should be more difficult to obtain a high reputation. People are currently posting multiple spam posts per day, which are getting upvoted by sock puppet accounts and the high-rep accounts that operate them, rising to a Medium level reputation that allows them to downvote others who are posting good quality content. This is perhaps the biggest problem the platform has right now. By limiting posts by reputation, it kills the power these newer accounts have before they gain it. Then those who are here can downvote their spam posts more easily so that the never rise to medium-level rep. This will make way for more high-quality content and high-reputation members who produce high-quality content.

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