Automatically Block Spam Accounts Under 20 Rep When XX Posts Have Reached Low Quality Score

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On the Discover page, just now, I found 10 good posts among the last 50 posted. 40 out of 50 were trash spam posts! And all of them were from low-rep newly created accounts. 

In concert with @Sardart's suggestion in a recent @Colleen Ryer suggestion (here) to limit posts to 1 per day for accounts with 50 rep or below, 2 posts per day for accounts with 80 rep or below, and 3 posts per day for accounts with rep above 80, I offer the following suggestion on top of that brilliant suggestion ...

Automatically block accounts with rep below 20 if they have 5 posts reach a low-quality score. Lock them so they can't be used any more. In order for those accounts to be re-activated, the user should have to file a petition to the Tribunal for an account review and prove they aren't spammers/plagiarists.

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Absolutely agree. This is easy, guarantees everyone and gives no room for abuse anywhere. I hope and think that the team is in trouble because of the hurricane. But I trust in their intervention.


Yesterday I refrained from posting, trying instead to read and support decent posts in the flurry of crap. I will continue to refrain from posting and also start un-following niches, as @Garden Gnome Publications has done. 

This is not rocket science, either set rules in place for new registrants as stated above, or find some other means of filtering the spam, or hire someone to do it - but DO SOMETHING. 

The hurricane has passed, you may be in cleanup mode. There's a lesson about having everyone in the same locale...not just for weather, but for time zone coverage - if you truly mean to make Narrative a worldwide platform.

You have a group of Alpha and Beta Users who have reached out repeatedly, offering to help, because we believe that this platform has potential, and to be honest we just also like the group of people we've met through this platform.  That has a lot of power, if you are willing to use it.


This is another excellent idea.   So your community is not just telling you about problems, we are suggesting solutions.  WE CARE! But we are only going to beat our heads against the wall for so long.  

I'm on the west coast PST and these spammers hit hard right now, late in the evening (1am as I type).  I feel sorry for y'all waking up in the morning to see this what a crappy way to start the day.

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