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Can we have an option to somehow save articles for future reading? When I see something interesting but don't have time to read it now, I'd like to be able to easily find it again when I do have time.

Also, an archive of other people's posts (which would be visible to us only) would be ace. Medium has an option to save something you'd like to keep for future reference in an archive but it sucks - it's just one long string of saved articles. Mine is super long after one year which renders it useless. Also, it doesn't have a search mechanism. So please do better! It's super helpful to be able to quote something you read previously and inspired you or just to re-read something that stayed with you.

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These all seem high priority to me - great way for the site to become a home for folks, rather than just a place they check out, then forget about.  Once you start collecting content that you appreciated, and bookmarking content to come back to, you're settling in...

Agreed. We need to be able to save our favourite posts and organize them into personal collections so we can easily find them again later. Solving two problems in one go, maybe all users could have a default "Read Later" collection too - this would make it much easier to later find and read content we didn't have time for earlier.

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Hi @MOLLY O I think @Malkazoid suggested bookmarks for niches. @Gosia Rokicka is suggesting bookmarks for posts?

All of this feeds into the larger functionality of creating collections.  I think there has been a suggestion for this too.

We're all basically asking for the same functionality in different ways.

This request has been with us for so long, in one form or another - it would be appreciated to get a fix on whether it is somewhere on the development schedule, and if so, where.

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