Bug in tribunal display for completed ICOs review

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The new alpha rocks!

So this is the first little glitch I've seen: if you go to the tribunal page, then click to display the 'Completed' appeals, you'll see the ICOs appeal listed.

The ICOs niche was rejected by the tribunal as a clear duplicate of the existing ICO niche.  Yet the phrase:

"Voting has ended.  0% of the Tribunal voted to reject the Niche."

... appears beneath this listing on the completed appeals page.

It looks like it is just a logical error in the phrasing, and probably meant to read "100% of the Tribunal voted to reject the Niche"?

Or it is entirely possible that I'm confused!

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The Appeals area is definitely still a work in progress. We have some improvements already in the works for that area.  Because only the Tribunal has to actively use that area, it is has been a lower priority.  Agree though that the current language is quite convoluted.

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