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Hello fellow Narrators,

[ This message previously contained a mailing list URL so Narrators can keep in the loop with next steps for the Community, beyond the shutdown of this forum on December 30th.  A Narrative Team member switched this conversation to private, citing that invitations to an offsite mailing list would infer an endorsement by the Narrative Company, so they can't let it stay up.  I have removed the link to the mailing list so that the rest of the information in this conversation can become visible to everyone again.   If you do want to join the mailing list, just say so below and we can figure something out, though by now I think most people have already signed up. ]


A call has been scheduled with the Narrative Team for Thursday 12.45pm EST.  @Serroc will be on the call with me, and the Team.

We're hoping to hear the Team's full explanation of their decision, what next steps might be, and discuss to generally make sure the Team does right by the Community as many of us are naturally feeling in need of, at the very least, some proper communication about the project's demise. We'll discuss any remaining possibility that the project might go open source, or be purchased, and what happens if this is not a possibility.  @Serroc and I will not be making decisions on behalf of the Community, rather we'll try to represent all Narrators in pursuit of filling the void of information.  We've requested the use of the conference call software's recording functionality, for full transparency so that everyone can catch up on the conversation afterwards.


I'm tagging all Founders and Patrons that I'm aware of below as I imagine you might be the Narrators most interested in staying in the loop.


@Bryan @Condes777 @Malkazoid @ClosetCrypto @Ahope 9 @Dias Flac @cicbar @Rich S @Omarsaleh66 @Eduardo Hernández @Gerbino @GUNDECKd @Banter @freedom @Hickster747 @Emad @Soňa @Kyle Kidd @Lion @WinstonT @Winston Turnage @decentraliser @Howsewife @Jeroenski74 @SoCalifas 

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Malkazoid posted:

Hello fellow Narrators,

Before we get to the call, please take a moment to add yourself to the mailing list that has been setup to allow Narrators to stay in the loop about next steps for our Community.  A report of the call will be shared with the Community via this list: don't miss out.



Your efforts to preserve the Narrative community are very much appreciated.  You have always been the voice of reason, and as much as anyone, the heart and soul of what Narrative could have been.

Please everyone, sign up for the mailing list, or join the discussion on Discord:

It would be a shame to let this great group of people lose touch.

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