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I want to bid on a niche but description isn't correct for what I want. Anyway to change description before I bid? I'd like to make it more specific.

Thanks in advance!

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Bashar Abdullah

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Hey Gary - definitely wait for the team to weigh in on this, but for now, I've noticed they seem to be favourable to any change that provides more precision about what belongs on the niche.  When you need to be wary is if the changes would change the nature of the niche, especially if it broadens it.

In a recent case over the Haiku niche, the description edit was rejected by the Tribunal because it would have made the niche broader, even though there was no existing broad niche that it would have clashed with.

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Hi Gary,

You can't change the name or description of a Niche that you do not own, therefore you cannot change it before you bid on it in an Auction. You would have to win the auction, buy the Niche, then appeal to the tribunal for a name or description change (or both).

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