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Hey Everyone, 

We decided to form a Community Advisory Group (CAG)  with a small group of active community members.  Similar to how we integrated a few community members into the Tribunal, this is an early model for "The Narrative Committee".  

The CAG is voluntary and is not the official Narrative Committee, but we want to start modeling some of this dialogue and see what works.  The volunteer CAG will have a monthly video call with Narrative staff to discuss priorities, approaches and solicit input. 

To be effective, we want to start with a very small group.   This way everyone has a chance to speak and participate.  We have chosen three active members to form this initial group:  @Malkazoid@Garden Gnome Publications, and @Serroc.  Malkazoid is a Founder who has been with Narrative since the Alpha.  Garden Gnome is an accomplished blogger and writer and Serroc is an experienced and active content creator. She also serves as a volunteer member of the Tribunal.  We want to thank each of them for agreeing to participate.  

The next step is to align our calendars to meet this month.  We will post an update when the first call has been concluded.  

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Great choice for sure! Speaking of community advisory, may I ask what you all think about creating a questionnaire for those members who made a pause or left Narrative forever? Just to get information also from the silent members who never addressed their concerns? Some of them might only need a few adjustments to come back, who knows? We do not, because we never asked them....

Questionnaire Request

Thank you indeed!

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