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Product: Narrative

In the coming days we will be making some changes to support channels. 

  • Telegram:  We will no longer be using Telegram for support.  Instead, our Telegram channel/group will direct users to come directly to this site for questions.  Why?  We are experiencing a big uptick in spammers and people posing as key Narrative staff for fraud schemes.  We don't want any of our members to fall for this.   This change also helps streamline support activities. 
  • Community Support:  We will update this Community Support Home page to be more user friendly to new members coming in. (see bullet above).  We may edit a few other windows as well.  When we do this - we don't expect any downtime. But if you are on this system and see us moving things - give us a bit of time to get it all done before you log an issue.  The changes we make will not impact any of the actual posts.    
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This is great. Finally we have some time to improvise Community site. Here I would like to add that currently majority of the community site users want only one feature, that is our Community Site Ranking.


I haven't seen more than 20 votes on any ticket since I joined Narrative. So it's very clear what Community really wants on Community site. I think it should be considered on top of the list for the community site improvements IMHO. 

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