Conduct Negative needs to be renamed/redefined

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Happy to report that I'm no longer "conduct negative," but I believe that state is in dire need of renaming, as it has nothing to do with my conduct, and everything to do with the fact that Narrative raised the price after I agreed to buy the niche to the point where I couldn't afford it due to the way the price of NRVE fluctuated so dramatically. 

Considering the sort of bad conduct some bad actors on the site have been behaving, and how I conduct myself professionally, my inability to pay roughly twice the price I had expected to pay for "my" niche should hardly affect my ability to perform any action on the site. 

I understand that the programming may be more complicated to suit penalties to misdeeds instead of making it an all or nothing proposition, but I don't see why my ability to make my own content or vote on other people's content should be affected by my inability to pay for a single niche.

Should I have had a "time out" from niche purchasing actions? Certainly. I expected it, since the Narrative team hasn't sorted out the issue with fiat prices for niche auctions yet. But I never expected to have everything on Narrative cut off from me. 

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