Conduct Negative penalty increases - how do they work?

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I mentioned over in Malkazoid's On the Move thread that there is a bit of satisfaction in seeing a serial spammer unable to do anything on the platform for six months, and I remembered the explanation that the length of the penalty for each successive violation increases. 

I also remembered that I got my own 12-hour penalty during the alpha period before the fiat price for niche auctions got set to what the NRVE was worth at the time the bid was placed, because what should have been my $75 niche became a $180 niche....and I just didn't have the money, so I missed the payment deadline.

Not that I intend to ever do anything that would warrant being Conduct Negative again, but should I ever slip up, what would my next penalty be? 24 hours? Does it double each time? Does it more than double?

Would y'all be willing to share the penalty schedule so that it can act as more of a deterrent? Like, you know you've had two or three penalties, so knowing that your next one would be _____ days long would be a motivating factor in making sure you don't slip up again?

I noticed that @Teddy is active on here right now, and I'm also thinking about how quickly his penalties added up. He might be interested to know how the math worked out, too.

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They do ramp with each subsequent negative action a person does, the rate of that is not released yet. Also as described in the spec, each different negative action has a different severity scale, which also is not yet released.  The exact formula that is used to determine how much time is left until a person's negative points are gone is posted to the spec however.

So the question of "if I do something negative again how long will I be conduct negative next time" is not just a simple one, as it would vary depending upon what you do, and what you might have done before.

I believe that the specifics of some of these things are not published in the beta where things can and likely will be adjusted.  We don't really want people looking at the exact points and rates and altering their behaviour based on that. It's better to let people do what people do and see where that leads. 

LOL, I just looked at the formula in the spec, and it looks like it would force me to remember calculus from high school! I don't even remember the names of all the Greek letters, let alone how they're used in math! (And I aced AP Calculus back in the day. It just didn't stick with me.)

 @Christina Gleason  Hi Christina!  It is really hard to stay  inactive for such a long time.  In the meantime, I have  posted  on my twitter a few good narrative articles just to stay alive :-) It is hard for me, sinceI never had any spammy intentions. I wanted to create and cultivate a good atmosphere here on narrative with valuable articles. But yes, it was my fault not to read the TOS. Thank you, that you haven't forgetten me :-) I really appreciate the friendliness of many users here. Meanwhile, I would be glad, if you don't let my niches die till November! Thank you everyone.  :-) Teddy

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