Consequences for Plagiarism?

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I am just wondering what are the consequences for plagiarism. I have found cases of plagiarism in Narrative and down voted accordingly, but this seems like a shallow enough solution. Where there is smoke there is usually fire and not all plagiarism can be traced back to the source. 

I guess what I am wondering is, how much plagiarism is needed before we acknowledge that that person is just a bad apple and the account is terminated?

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@Nuno Moreiras - I'd say two strikes within the same month, and the account should be terminated.  Three strikes within the same three months, likewise, account terminated.

When the account is penalised for the first time with a temporary ban (which seems to be the current procedure), that's the time to tell the plagiarist to fix or delete all their current plagiarised content, whether it has been reported or not.  If they have not done that by the end of the first temporary ban, or if they post newly plagiarised content and we're still within a month of the first temporary ban, then a new AUP violation flag should result in a permanent ban.  

I don't see why there should be call to tell someone something more than once in this setting.  If the person made a mistake, they'll fix it, and they won't reoffend again within the same month.  If they did it on purpose and do it again, they're just going to continue their parasitic relationship with the network while creating work for others.

@Malkazoid agreed.

I have to say I am getting extremely disheartened with Narrative in he last few weeks. I am changing from a fervent believer into a brooding skeptic, to the point of considering requesting a reimbursement of the money I have invested in my Niches through legal means and just move away from all this. I do believe I have a case for negligence and much probably "accessory after the fact", but that's a story for another day. I have to admit there are still a few people here that still make this worthwhile, you @Malkazoid being one of them.

But we all know something is terribly wrong here.

Besides, I am getting more and more comments like the one I got this morning:

"@whymonkey - I have to wonder why you continue to make suggestions for Narrative?  The founders ignore them.

The platform isn't even out of Beta, and it's already failing.  Why not put your energy into a platform that has a real chance of success?  Or at least spend your time on a platform like Medium, which has high quality writers and where people actually get paid in real dollars, not ridiculous monopoly money that nobody wants to buy."

I'm not even sure what's worst at the moment, plagiarism or the voting circles.

Anyway, time will tell.


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