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This is a community forum for the niche Content Entrepreneur. It is here that you can make any kind of suggestions to me as the owner of the niche, whether that is grammatical, spelling,  clarification, or content suggestions. I will take into consideration all reasonable suggestions from the community members that follows this niche. This post will appear periodically as a link in my content posted on the niche, and perhaps that of the  elected moderators too. 

Our hopes are to foster broader dialogue, with good, constructive community discourse here, about the niche itself. As always, we encourage the continued use of any individual posts' comment section to pertain to that specific post topic.


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I just added manually and then created a hyper link to this page. Kind of a pain, but I think worth it. I have a few end steps I take for all of my posts that sort of brand my content...this will be one of them.

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