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Since it's so difficult to ascertain what's one own content when posted across platforms, I'm suggesting that we require attribution, even if it's your content and originally posted on Narrative.

If it's posted elsewhere first, yours or not, an attribution link should be provided.

This way, if there's no link and it shows up elsewhere predated of the one posted here, we can be confident enough to downvote for AUP.

Also, if you post the original link if posted elsewhere first, this allows a user to contact the owner of the original and ask them if they've posted it on Narrative.

This would guarantee we are doing the best we can to keep the site clean and reputable.

It's also good practice anyway and Narrative can be a mentoring community helping to create quality bloggers.


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Hi, @Sol_Cycler 

When reposting your own content, there's a place in the editor to put the canonical link right in your post before you publish.

Not sure if it's actually spelled out that when "quoting" someone else's work, it be attributed in the post, but most do.

What I have trouble with are entire posts,  pictures and all, created by someone who's done all the work, paid the hosting fee's, etc,  scooped by a member here, with, at most, two original sentences added. 

Even though there's a link back to the original, it represents next to no effort on the narrator's part. Almost 100% copy/paste - and no better than a post with a couple of original sentences and nothing else but a link to the original site.

Here simply requiring attribution doesn't work, unfortunately. 

@cmryer, I agree with all of your points, but that doesn't mean this suggestion wouldn't address many issue's, which will only increase as the platform grows. It'll also make researching them easier. 

Also, just because there's already an area to attribute your content to the original posted elsewhere, doesn't mean it'll be used. It will if we demand it as curator's. 

Then of course there's the photo with two sentences. These will always receive a downvote from me, whether or not proper attribution is given. This includes original content. Laziness should never be rewarded, ever.

I'm not going to use Narrative until this issue is fixed. I feel that my content is being pushed too far down the feeds too fast.

Also, the thieves here have multiple accounts they are attacking good thoughtful user's with for being honest and honorable.

This is a travesty.

@Sol_Cycler I'm happy to see someone else is also speaking the same language for copyright thing on Narrative.

You might like to change the topic title from Copywrite to Copyright. So anyone can find it by searching as well.

Here we are asking for attributions, but I've reported plagiarism and instead of acting on it immediately it was left idle for 2 days until I created a public ticket on it and all members joined over there only after that the action was taken.

Recently @Christina Gleason @Malkazoid and @Vico Biscotti faced some trolling on their posts which I was trying to figure out if I can report such user for the sake of Narrative. Here also, instead of showing a helping hand I got a free advice of not being a detective and just help new Narrators. Then what we are already doing by reporting such violated contents?

If newbies see all these, they will think both the contents (original and copied) are acceptable on Narrative. And everyone will get the rewards irrespective of their content reality. They ask to report such post on platform and go. But I was still able to see such posts until I brought those here. But for that I got another advice of not to do that either.

I also noticed a pattern of whenever I report such post for violation my rep gets a dent. I observed for a week. It was like this 94 93 94 93 94 95 94 93 when I asked for any testing is going, but it wasn't. As I don't see any down vote on my posts or comments still it's getting fluctuations, when I  asked, again I was advised to avoid it by saying it's common if you're received down vote and all, the same story. So finally I left the whole rep thing now. 

See in the comment, ssomeone else is also confused about his rep thing.

I feel copyright issue seems so personal here and when you ask on such actions the window gets shut down.


Here we lack some real seriousness on the responses we're having. See the comments on this one.

Still I'm not loosing hope, and will say, we all get mad for a while on such things, that's ok. I also do. But putting it a side and respond logically is not that hard. 


I have a private post here about the issue and was told their hands are tied, which is not true.

I supplied the links to two sites. They could use those to contact the sites or the user on those sites to ask them if they are the user in question. If they are not the user, they can let them know their content is being stolen.

Instead they simply said that the content being on a different site proves nothing. I'm not satisfied and am not going to waste my time here until this issue is fixed, period.

I've also seen my rep decrease, which is funny, because it usually only increases once a day, not as the votes come in.

There are many platforms out there now, with quite a few coming. All of them pay crypto, so it's no big deal for me if I use Narrative or not. I've invested nothing but a little time here.

I feel we seriously need a good adviser here who in actually having a core experience in dealing with such copyright issues and to define such policies in detail. @Garden Gnome Publications said the same thing in above copyright Conflicts topic link I've mentioned. 

So he can answer on such queries with some logics instead of putting it down by pointing to something else. Half knowledge is more dangerous then anything else. 

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