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Can we please add a facility to directly message other members privately? (similar to this support site)

Understood that moderators will be able to communicate within a Niche moderation tools in some say (as mentioned int he spec) but this would be from any member to any member.

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David Dreezer posted:

Can we please add a facility to directly message other members privately? (similar to this support site)

Understood that moderators will be able to communicate within a Niche moderation tools in some say (as mentioned int he spec) but this would be from any member to any member.

Plus ONE. this is so important. I know that @ted wants to keep it as a content platform, rather than a social content, but a direct message feature is critically important to maintaining community growth & communication properly. Put a block user on it, incase people are creepy or spammy. but we need to be able to talk to each other, and so many people are anonymous on the platform that it is impossible outside of the format. And not everybody is on the community board.

I agree as well, lack of direct messaging makes its overall harder to collaborate with other members who have similar goals/niches without giving away the ideas to every person who reads a post. Might also help keep disputes from taking form in the comment section if we were able to have a more open discussion with members we knew instead of creating back and forth posts 

Yes, PDM would be a big plus, especially for invitations to post from niche owners- or creators sounding out niche owners ahead of posting. Having it public kind of puts the owner and creator where they might not feel comfortable saying all that needs saying ... just one reason, but an important one, I think.

It's a very better idea. By this way community members can chatting each other and engagement will increase. It will increase narrative Alexa Ranking.

People can resolve their problems by communicating each other.

By this way narrative will come to the top of all social platform.

It is critical actually before moderation election goes by. I want to communicate with nominees, see their thought, and after election, we need to discuss and align our approach. Say one moderator removes a post from niche, which I the owner and moderator find to be legit. It's much better to discuss this in private than have the moderators debate this in public. In public everyone will build resistance to change their point of view.

I would like to add about one to one chat. 

Niche owner should be able to send personal message to authors who post content in their niche. 

Rihht now there is one post in my Online Privacy Niche which should be for all ages but it has been set by either author or voted by users as 18+

Now 18+ content is only visible to the users who got certification on the platform. Even whem I was browsing my Niches without login, I couldn't see that post too. Privacy is equally important for all age group and 18+ tags hampers the visibility or content and it's interactions which hampers Authors, moderators, niche owners and reward pool. 

Now these kind of suggestions or discussion between Niche owner and Author should be private and not open for all in the comments.

I shared one example. There are many things we can do to improvise the content and presentations. So I suggest there should be some way from Niche Owner to Moderators to Authors to convey the message and vice a versa. And one more important things, it should be in the hands of moderator/niche owner ro decide about their niche content falls in 18+ or for all age group, not the others. As they are investing their money and efforts to run that niche. So they should have some more power of decision making rather then just having higher voting power. 

In-platform direct messaging is so important especially for the community governance. Just yesterday I wanted to warn a niche owner, before a possible appeal to the niche. No official way to contact him. This generates useless friction between members.

Vico Biscotti posted:

Yes! That's so important! It would be easy to add features to prevent spam. It would be sufficient an accept/decline an invite to DM.

I recall earlier talk of a blocking feature - might have been for comments, but would be a security feature for DM, too.

Totaly down for this. There are some writers that I would really love to Collab with . This feature would make it easier. Granted I am of the mind set we should not go to heavily into the social platform side of things. I am thinking something more along the lines of a twitter message board or something that allows you to create multiple feeds on a post that allows you to specifically talk to a set group of writers that you want to see the post. something more like that instead of a true blue direct messaging feautre (i really don't want another messaging platform to have to navigate)

Suggestion: Perhaps also enable allowing members to choose who they want to chat with, or they have to approve chats from other members who are below a certain reputation threshhold? That way, we aren't constantly bombarded with message spam from others begging us to upvote or comment on their posts.

I would definitely find it useful to have a direct way to communicate without the whole community seeing it.  I could make some useful criticism or suggestion to a member who posted in the niche, without saying in public something they had done wrong or some error made that would could be taken as belittling or embarrassing if commented publicly. 

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