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Hi everyone-

Thanks for the great feedback since the launch of the beta two days ago!

One change we plan to make fairly soon is improvements to the Discover page, so that it is easier to find content in general across the network.  We know that some of the content has been rather immovable on that page, which has made it hard for newer content to stand out.

Thus, we're tweaking our "featured" formula to (hopefully) loosen things up a bit, but also adding more options for discovering content, via separate trending, quality, and "recent" filter options on that page.  And, of course, if these changes are still not quite right, we'll continue to evaluate and improve things until we find the right mix.

I do expect that just having more ways to filter content across the entire network will make it easier for everyone to find new content.

I'll let you know when these changes are in place.

Thanks again! 

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When we click on a less popular Niche the default is FEATURED, that is great if the content is featured, but many are not, so it looks as if no content is there to a newcomer(which most of us are). Maybe the default landing should be RECENT. Just MGSETT'S 2-cents.   

yep this is great news. I like using Home Recent and I will use Discover Recent, because there are new people joining and if I don't follow them how will i find their content quick enough before it drops below the fold. 

Good improvement.

mrgoodsett posted:

Very frustrating having to search for your own post.  Should be in recent for first click. 

@mrgoodsett Just a reminder that the Content Posts that you created are in Your Profile (click on the avatar).  Your Personal Journal is there plus Manage Posts which lists all your draft and published posts.

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