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Hi everyone-

Just wanted to let you know that we tweaked the Narrative spec a bit to clarify one point about niches that are determined to be duplicates.  Previously, the spec stated that, if two niches are determined by the Tribunal to be duplicates, the one that remains should be the one that was approved by the community first.

However, while approval is important, actual purchase by someone should trump that. Thus, the new language says this:

"If both niches have not yet been purchased, the active niche will be the older of the two, based on Niche Approval Date/Time. If at least one of the niches has been purchased, then the decision will be based on the date of purchase; the niche purchased first shall be approved and the other rejected."

In the future, we plan to require anyone who files an appeal based on duplication to provide both niches to the tribunal for consideration, so that once the Tribunal rules that they are duplicates then this rule will be used to automatically decide which niche remains active and which one is deactivated. 

In the meantime, however, if you think a niche is a duplicate, keep this rule in mind and be sure to appeal the niche that is "newer", based on the definition described above.

Spec: https://spec.narrative.org/doc...or-being-a-duplicate

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Hi @Garden Gnome Publications some niches have already been rejected after content was already published to them. There was some confusion, but the creators are free to just go ahead and post in another niche, if suitable one is available. And content is still in their home page, too .Would guess it would be the same for niches going redundant if the fees aren't paid - although the niches do go back up for auction. Once bought, creators could also repost?

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