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There are two very simple improvements in post listings that would make it a lot easier for people to find quality content on Narrative:

(1)  Include a word count.  I'm tired of clicking on posts only to find that they are three sentences.  

(2)  Replace the author's Reputation with the average rating of the author's previous posts.  Reputation is meaningless in this context.  The level of the author's participation has nothing to do with the quality of their posts.  Plus, the fact that reputation is for sale on Narrative - through the certification fee - makes reputation a useless metric.  

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Nice suggestions. 

1) About the word count, I've suggested in one of the earlier topic to use Medium model. On Medium each article reflects a time tag like 5 min read, 7 min read etc. It'll be definitely helpful for users who are looking for more insightful posts. 

2) Replacing Reputation rank with post quality rank might be suitable once we have enough audience to curate posts on diverse topics. As of now only Narrative and Art related posts are selling. So someone who don't speak Narrative or don't do some art work, his quality score will be near to zero. 




Great suggestions, Robert. I am also annoyed to click on a post with a good title only to find a couple of sentences that mean next to nothing. And I've said before that reputation is meaningless. I've never seen a situation on any social media site where it has any real bearing on a person's content quality or engagement, and certainly is rarely a reflection of such. I like the idea of using average post quality as a metric. If upvotes can be measured in quality, using an algorithm that takes into account number of upvotes vs. number of downvotes, average rating of the person doing the upvoting/downvoting, and maybe some other factors, then that might be more useful. I can see at a glance whether or not a Narrator posts high quality content on a regular basis. As it stands, I don't Reputation really tells us anything.

Did suggest read times a while back - find it easier to relate to than word counts, myself, anyway.  I think the author's best post rank might be better, and simpler, than an average, but @Blogger Krunal points out, some topics have high volumes, and after taking a good look today, posts ratings don't necessarily reflect quality at this point. Perhaps later on, though.

Agree 100% on explicit length (reading time would be a good metric, imo). Currently, short content is king, and seems also to be rewarding. But I too hate opening a post and getting nothing. Maybe it's okay to have back a few words, if I know it's poetry - for example -, but not if it sounds an essay. On the contrary, I can avoid opening a 10 min read if I don't have time for that currently.

About the second suggestion, I don't know. I'm fine with only one global metric for the user IF that metric makes sense. Reputation, at present, ranges from reasonable to totally nonsense. Before replacing it with a different metric at the side of the post, I'd prefer to see it work correctly. I seriously hope we can have a tuned reputation metric available by the end of the beta.

Word count is a brilliant addition, and probably really, really easy to implement!

I hope we see this soon.

I also kind of like the theory behind showing average post quality rather than reputation.  The only caveat is that right now, the site is very uniform: you see a little number near a user's avatar and you know it is reputation.  We'd probably need to introduce a word or two into the UI to make it explicit when the figure means one thing, and when it means the other...

Then again, if the entire structure of rep gets an overhaul, maybe that will also shine light on a solution for this.


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