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I think this happened during the recent submission of a support ticket about a payment glitch.

For some reason I was asked to create an account during that process...  I thought it was weird, but then just assumed there was a separate account needed for support issues.

I've just realised that ever since, I have been posting to the community forum under this new account, (name is 'M').

Is it possible to merge the two accounts under my current, older account ('Malkazoid')?  To be clear, the Malkazoid account is the one I want to keep.



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I can't merge them, but fortunately "M" doesn't have a whole lot of posts. I can edit all or most of them to "Malkazoid" if you like.  When I'm done you can then you can do whatever with "M".

Wow - thanks David.  I hope it isn't too much of a pain to do that manually!

I'm very grateful.

BTW, just a heads up - round 21 seems to have an unlock threshold of 100,000 members instead of 500.  Is that the desired number?  We've just started reaching out to Google+ users to join the alpha so they can get a taste of Narrative, but with the current unlock number, we would have no more rounds unlocked until Beta Launch...

Also referral NRVE is now 1 NRVE per referral... 9 NRVE already wasn't much... hehe...

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