Ending a line in italics causes font size and line spacing issues afterwards

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I'm not sure I understand the mechanics of this bug completely, but to replicate, start composing a post, then switch on italics with Control + I or Command + I.  Type a few letters then hit enter while still in italics.

On the new line switch out of italics and start typing and hitting enter, typing and hitting enter.  You should see some weird behaviour arise with font size and/or line spacing.


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I too experienced problems with italics. In particular, I remember that copy/pasting from elsewhere removed spaces between italic and normal. Just tried now and, italic just disappeared, or part of the text was cut...

The italics feature is really wonky. I waste a lot of time fighting with it. If I put the attribution too close to the quote, it comes out in truncated columns. If i try to delete the quotation marks, the whole quote deletes ... plus what's mention above ...

Sol_Cycler posted:

I have the same issue when backspacing text trying to butt it up against an image to get rid of the unsightly and large space left between an image and the following text.

With each backspace the text size gets smaller and it centers.

Once this happens the only way to fix it is to delete the whole paragraph and retype or paste it.

While we're at it, related bug is that divider lines disappear and reappear whimsically, when deleting lines above and below them.

Sometimes they only disappear in the display of the draft, but are there once you publish.  Sometimes they end up absent from the publish too, if I recall correctly.

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