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I'm following a lot of the niches that are being abused by spammers of garbage content.  It is getting worse by the day.  Down voting it does not help either.  Even with lots of low quality content, the niche owners still get high rewards. 

The reward system seems to give more weight to the quantity of material posted to a niche than the quality of that material. 

Just now in my feed, there's a new account.  Within less than an hour, he has already starting spamming the usual niches.  The people abusing the system are going to keep creating more and more accounts too.  Why would they stop?

They are being rewarded for garbage, so we are going to get more and more of it.

Has there been any significant progress on the plan to resolve this issue?  I know there's been a lot of talk about it, but there needs to be action taken soon.  What is the solution? 

Numerous people have suggested possible solutions.  How close are we to trying any of them though?  Is this issue the main issue being worked on right now by the staff?  If it is not, may we please know what is more important?

Thanks for your time and consideration!


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@Finnian. I posted a note on the platform today to let everyone know we are taking a step back to look at how the platform is working overall.  Deep dive into issues and potential solutions. 

Did something change? Starting today around 1428 hours, my feed is pretty empty of low quality garbage.  I double checked my account settings to make sure low quality content was still visible.  Is it time to celebrate?! LOL 

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