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What are the specifications for a GIF to be uploaded on Narrative? Because sometimes I have no problem uploading even the 6 Mb file and sometimes even the 2 Mb file is not uploaded. It really makes me crazy. I am motion Designer and have to upload the Gifs here. I have asked this question in the past also but no satisfactory reply from the support

As you can see this is only 2 Mb gif but I can't upload it in my posts on 


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Yes I have tried that and it didn't work either. Sometimes the Gifs with frames more than 100 gets easily uploaded and sometimes even the 50 frames Gifs gets rejected. I am unable to figure out what's the deciding factor. And one more question.

The above gif which I attached here was of 2.3 mb when I uploaded it and when I downloaded the same gif here it is 10 mb. Even you can download it and see its size. Why this happened? 

All images that are uploaded are passed through processing software to check for size, safety, etc. The library that we use is the largest used software available today.  It usually is fast and relatively trouble free, but we are aware that for a reason that have yet to be able to determine, your gifs are frequently failing to parse properly.

We have been working on finding a reason for that, and have been looking into other image processors as well. I do not have an estimate as to how long it will take to find a cause for the issue or to find a suitable replacement. I can only apologize for the difficulty you are having.

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