has the lock on USD price for niche bidding been intorduced yet?

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some time ago I had an issue (and I wasn't the only one) with an inability to pay for an auction I won due to the skyrocketing USD price which I expected to be fixed at 75 USD (+15% commission) if I was the only bidder (which I was). 

I purchased one niche thanks to generous help from @Malkazoid but skipped the other payment (receiving a rep hit and 24 hr ban on Narrative). I think I'm proving to be a decent niche owner and I'm interested in purchasing some other niches but since I'd like to pay in fiat, I'd like to make sure first that the promised lock on the USD price once the auction started has been already implemented.

I haven't noticed any announcements but maybe I missed something? If not, is there any timeframe on the implementation of this function? I suspect it would help with niche sales.

There are so many people here who would surely make excellent niche owners and promoters but may feel intimidated by crypto as of now. I think we shouldn't be blocked from investing in the platform. I decided to get my head around NRVE once we have our wallets so, for now, I'm left with dollars - but I won't risk bidding if I may and up getting a bill of 170 USD for a niche no one tried to outbid me for.

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I would like to know the answer to this, too, because I lost rep when I could not afford to pay the outrageous fiat price, and there wasn't enough time to buy ETH and wait the ridiculous amount of time Coinbase holds it before I could send it offsite to buy NRVE.

New members are buying niches and at least some are paying a lot more than $75 USD  when they don't even have to bid against someone. Also, it isn't clear how buying niches works when one has enough nrve on hand before bidding - is there still the long waiting period, even though it isn't needed?


Bashar Abdullah posted:

Same. As price of NRVE is very low now, I won't bid on new niche and risk paying 3 times the price if it bounces back up again soon.

Until the price lock is in place, just buy NRVE when the price is lower in general then use it as needed to by niches in the future. You'll actually save money.

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