How all contents searched/flowing in narrative website after beta launched?

Product: Narrative

I want to ask some questions to our narrative community members.

  How our contents will searched in narrative website? It is not possible for curator to search each and every niche for reading and curating good contents they like.

How our contents circulating in narrative website?

Is there any Hot and trending page? Or every contents will treated equally?

Flow of contents are random in nature or there are certain algorithm for flowing contents in narrative website?

Please answer my question.



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Asking Narrative staff using reddit terminology... is there going to be an /n/All like there is /r/All? And a personalized front page once people start following the niches they're interested in?

(I never use /r/all on reddit, instead choosing my front page that only shows me posts from the subreddits I follow, but my husband prefers to see everything using /r/all.)

I'm still holding out hope that Narrative will become the more civil version of reddit - you know, where people can write about almost anything, except hate groups and the like aren't tolerated.

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