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Here are pointers and tips for both new and old members for how to use the support community.


You do need to register a new account here in order to participate.  The support community does not share a common registration with the Narrative platform.  

Adjust Your Profile

After you have registered, in the top right corner you’ll see your profile.  Take a moment to complete your profile and let the rest of the community know a little more about you.  You can choose an avatar, add in links to any niches that you may own, your telegram name, and your profile on the Narrative platform.
Before you post anything you might just want to set your notification preferences for the support community.  You’ll want to be sure that you get an email notifying you of replies to anything your post. You’ll find that in your profile area, under notifications/primary notifications.

Making a Community Support Post

To make a post, click on the big blue Post button to create a new Question, Issue, Tip, Conversation or Suggestion.  

Before you post, make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs). The FAQ is a huge knowledge base filled with answers to many questions.  It can save you time if you check that first. You can also search to see if anyone has already asked the question, or reported the bug, or had the same problem.

When you click the Post button, you have the option to mark  it private. Any post that contains personal information should always be marked private. Security concerns should always be private.  You can also simply choose private if you want to address only the Narrative Staff.

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When you create a new post, you are first asked what kind of post this should be classified. These are the types of posts and guidance for choosing what kind of post you are doing:

  • Question:   These should be posts such as “how do i?” “Is this allowed?” “I did this and it didn’t work, was it supposed to?”

  • Issue: Something that is an actionable item for Narrative support staff.  A bug report would be an issue. Something on the platform that doesn’t work the way it was designed. Posts about not liking something as designed should not be classified this way. Instead, turn your gripe into an actionable Suggestion.  

  • Suggestion: These are posts about what you would like to see added to the platform or here on the support community. Ideas that you would like to share. Changes that you would like to see.  Be as descriptive as possible. “Turn the button green” doesn’t help. “I’m color deficient and as such the Create Post Icon is difficult to see, can you please make it a darker greyscale or a deep green shade”  is a terrific example of the level of detail that really helps make a great suggestion. Remember that we cannot always do every suggestion that is made, and often can’t respond to every suggestion, but every suggestion is read. You’ll see a lot of suggestions that have been marked as implemented.  

  • Tip:  These posts written to help Narrators do activities on the platform more easily, or to show them features that they may not know existed.

  • Compliment:  These posts recognize good efforts.  You can create a post about something someone has done on the platform or in the community site.

  • Conversation:  These posts are to have a conversation about attributes of the Narrative site. Want to discuss a feature? Develop an idea before turning it into a suggestion?  Discuss the weather? This is the place. If it doesn’t fit one of the others, conversation is the way to go. If you start the Conversation seeking input into a Suggestion, remember to try and stay on topic and create that suggestion!

    Often we will change the status or post type. We do a lot of internal tracking on posts, questions, issues, suggestions. Please don’t get upset/annoyed/insulted if the status is changed on your post.  It’s only to help us manage the input.

Please no bullying and ranting (even at the Narrative Staff) and try and keep things professional. While members need to register to participate, the site is open to the public for anyone to read.

One final note, Narrative Staff will answer questions and resolve real issues (e.g. bugs) but will not get in a back and forth discussion on the merits of something. We just don’t have time to debate everything.   But we do read all of the posts and use to formulate new features, functionality and improvements. You see evidence of this when we mark the Suggestion posted as completed.

Thanks for contributing!


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