Is it OK to use similar niches when a niche is not available?

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When a niche is not available to tag for a post, is it OK to use similar niches? I don't want to disrupt the flow of how niches operate so I was just wondering.

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If a Niche is not available to be tagged but has been approved it means that it has not yet been purchased.  (might be an opportunity there  )   Or, maybe the idea hasn't even been suggested and would make a good Niche idea.

Either way, yes, the next closest thing is fine.  You want your content to be in a Niche so it is categorized and discoverable.  If the Niche owner doesn't think the content is appropriate for the Niche they will remove it and free a slot so that you can try again. Often they will tell you, and often they will suggest an alternative.  Most Niche owners know which Niches are "neighbors" if you will, and steer you int he right direction if they can.

Ok, I just wanted to make sure of that and thanks for the quick reply David. I did more digging and two niches I was looking for are available but haven't been purchased yet. 

@Joe Lande. There are tons of broad Niches out there you should be able to find a couple that are appropriate.   BTW, you can change  which Niches you are posting to at any time.  So, if one you are looking at is purchased later, you can update the Niches on your post. 

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