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Hey @rnicholson

I was just wondering if you came across a platform that pays well for quality content. I'm trying hubpages and medium. It doesn't have to be crypto.


@Nrve - Good question, and the answer is no.  The thing is, there's no magic  way to generate money (despite what the crypto-proponents would like to believe).  It takes tens of thousands of page-views to make any significant amount of money, so unless your posts are pulling in that kind of following, you're not going to make much no matter what platform you're on.

My approach is to create my own revenue-generating websites, and then use social platforms to promote those sites.

You could also try Patreon, where you can create a subscription base to monetize your content.  But then you need to figure out ways to promote your Patreon account.



Yeah that's what I was worried about. 

I like the crypto sites I just wish they combined more traditional revenue earning ways to balance them out. Maybe narrative will get better.

Thanks for the response .


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