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Hello all,

The previous thread was unfortunately closed prematurely.

@Brian Lenz had invited us to continue brainstorming there, but somebody who may not have been aware of that closed the thread.

We've created a Community mailing list, in case nothing is resolved with Narrative, and folks want to remain in touch.  There is some momentum growing behind the notion of building our own modest platform, so if you want to be involved or just keep tabs on progress with that, this mailing list is the place to add yourself!

It has been excellent sharing this space with many of you, and I look forward to next steps, wherever that may be.


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@JR - were you able to join the Discord?

If you are still having difficulties, let me know and I can try to help.

Another way to stay updated on Narrative Community next steps is to join the mailing list linked to above.  There will be a lot of important information shared with the Community through the list, starting with a report on an upcoming phone call with the Narrative Team, during which we hope to learn more about Narrative's situation, whether there might be a chance of the platform surviving, etc...

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