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I recently added a comment with some links on this post.

The author said on one of my post that the links are broken. So I checked again and discovered that it got shortened by having some dots in between. Now I tried to replace it again in that comment so it works well but the last link of community site I left it as it is. So we can fix it. As it's still broken. 

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Your links in the original copy/paste that you're posting to all new users do work. The appearance of the links are shorted to prevent page stretch.  If people click the links they work fine. If they copy/past them they will not. 

When you then edit your comment with the shortened links, copying and pasting the shortened link back into your edited post, will cause them to break.  When you edit a comment with links you'll need to make sure that you're not pasting a shortened link back into your comment.

Hello @David Dreezer

Actually I have it in my notes and I copy from it everytime. I don't know when I had copied from the comment and edited my notes with it as I can still see the full links in my notes. But I'll pull the fresh links in my notes now. Hope it works!

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