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Agreed. We need to be able to tag other Narrative users in the bodies of posts, not just in comments. An autosuggest feature when typing "@" on both post bodies and comments would be great.

Ya, I agree when I want to tag someone I have to go to their page and insert the link into their name.  And it still doesn't call them out but at least then I can direct people to their page if I am featuring them 


I hope they change that. 

@Vico Biscotti, Narrative still doesn't support native mentioning in posts. You can always put @Name in a post and hyperlink it to their profile to do a "manual" mention, but that will not result in them being notified. I'm betting that's what you've seen?

Community: We want to be able to tag other users in our posts, not just in the comments.

Narrative: This is working as intended.

Community: Okay, but we REALLY want you to change it so we can tag other users in our posts.

Narrative: We don't support that.


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