Moderator Nominations - how to find mine?

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In the early days, I admit I was very ambitious, and self-nominated on many of the niches in the 170+ pages of niches for "sale".  I would like to remove myself from some of them (in case they are purchased and we get to the moderator stage of the platform) but alas, I cannot recall all of those that I was interested in moderating. And no, I didn't keep a list. 

I can see no way to do a search for where I might have nominated myself (or, gasp, if someone else nominated me) - so am I just missing it somewhere or ?

Let me know how to proceed that doesn't result in me combing through all 170+ pages niche by niche.... 

Thanks in advance.

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I find the Activities scroll meaningless. It's not friendly at all. I'd like to be able to search my own activity for a post, a comment, or any of my actual activity. I think the Activities channel itself is a misnomer since comments don't get listed there. On the moderator search feature, yes, I should be able to see a list of niches I've been nominated for and, when elections are done, actually elected for. I presume this will ultimately land in Channels. Perhaps there should be a separate tab for Moderation that shows which niches I've been nominated for and, after elections, which ones I've been elected to moderate.

Well.    This is something that will need to be improved upon before Moderator elections are held.  

I'm going to swing this over to a suggestion and I've also made sure that is has been noted it internally.

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