More transparency on the reasons that led to conduct negative.

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When a member becomes conduct negative, currently his or her reputation just displays "This member is being penalized for certain actions they have taken."

More detail can be retrieved in the activity but with two limitations:

  1. The item usually does not display a specific reason (AUP violation, for example, is vague and does not give the idea of the severity of the violation - nor the duration of the penalty - at the time).
  2. Over time, the activity log is easily cleared, especially if the member serially upvotes niches or posts frequently.

I understand that this kind of transparency can be seen as a hard measure, but I think that in community governance there's no other option.

In my opinion, certain actions would deserve a long-lasting highlight, because to come out clean from them is unfair toward the other members. Anyway, at a minimum, I'd suggest the possibility to filter the activity log, that violations could be easy to check, and that the reason for the penalty could be clear - along with the duration of the penalty at that time -.

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Yes. I'd view someone who was conduct negative for posting in a foreign language in a completely different light than someone who was conduct negative for threats and incitement of violation, or someone who was a serial plagiarist. Newspapers post a police blotter. Since these aren't just mere annoyances, but violations of the AUP, the rest of the community deserves to know why any given member is conduct negative.

I completely agree, @Vico Biscotti@Christina Gleason.

@Brian Lenz - I know your dance card is full until 2030, but if this could be implemented in time for elections, it would be an important step towards fair elections.

I think people have the right to know what kind of negative behaviour a Narrator has had, before they elect her to be a moderator on a niche.  Makes sense, right?

There is another factor that is becoming apparent.

If a reason is not made visible during AUP violation remediation, it can lead to people misunderstanding what happened, and potentially feeling persecuted.

I can see this happening already as a result of one of the recent AUP violations.

People in that thread seem to have formed the notion, or more likely, they were given the notion by the person who has been made conduct negative, that the transgression was to ignore a comment from a niche owner/moderator, in the comments of another post. 

The comments that violated the AUP have been removed there, of course, so the conduct negative person is free to tell his friends any story he wants about why they were removed. 

In reality, after ignoring the comment, the Narrator in question verbally attacked the niche owner, speaking cryptically about witches, and dead babies, and saying he was in 'full warrior mode' on Narrative, and would take no prisoners.  It was truly strange, and quite easy to understand how a 77 year old woman would feel bullied, especially since she was receiving this unacceptable treatment for having had the temerity to make a simple and polite suggestion to the Narrator.  Everyone else who commented on the thread felt it was quite clear she was being unfairly attacked and intimidated.

The Narrator also inferred very clearly that the niche owner was lying about her age and is a proxy of his enemies, even though she is certified, and so proven to be a unique individual.

I think the comments should be replaced with a special mention that gives some trace of what transpired.  For instance:

"Comment removed for AUP violation: Bullying"

Likewise this mention should remain present somewhere on the person's Reputation page.

This way, the narrative can't be twisted to serve a fantasy of political persecution.  There are rules on Narrative, and we all have to take responsibility for following them, and accept the consequences of not following them, without using those consequences to stir animosity that envenomates the platform.

Sadly there are factions on Narrative: that's just human nature.  The pursuit of earning money amplifies this phenomenon.  Not only does it make people feel more tribal out of a need to be a mighty group that can 'fight' other groups for dominance, but it conflicts with an objective perception of - and adherence to - rules.  In such an environment, the Team can easily be caught in the middle of regrettable tribal animosity, and any lack of clarity and transparency will increase delusions of persecution.



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