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According to the data on Narrative HQ, there are 979 active niches at the time of writing and about 354 niche owners.

Also, 3398 niches are already approved. Comparing this with the active niches, we should note that there are challenges somewhere.

Here are my suggestions:

1) the people that created the active niches that has no bidding at all yet approved should be contacted to know if there is a challenge in payment. For someone to suggest a niche, it means that they believe that such a niche will trend.

2) if this is not already present, the bidding amount should not be opened to the public until the person that suggested it fails to pay the fee at a given time window of like 2 weeks. This will ensure that others are not profiting from someone else research and idea.

3) a standard value in USD should be made for niches since some might not have the financial strength to win their niche. This will ensure that before anyone suggest for a niche, that the cash is there.

4) Discount should be offered to regular bid buyers since we understand that they also earn from contents on their niche.

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@Onlinedollars.   Anyone can suggest a Niche - and they don't have to buy it. The suggester does not have to bid on the Niche at all. We had a long alpha period that included just the Niche process. The point was to get some approved and ready for when people were ready to bid on them later. Anyone can bid on the Niche once it is approved. 

There are more active Niches than owners because members can own up to 10 Niches.  If someone fails to pay for a Niche, the Niche is automatically put back on the auction so there is no need to contact them.  Also, the person who bids on the niche and wins the auction who does not pay becomes Conduct Negative. 

Opening bids are always $75USD equivalent. We will have an enhancement coming that will help with showing this and also locking in the NRVE price once the auction starts.   

I hope this helps explain things better for you.

Conduct negative? No, they cannot. (link)

Low Rep? Yes, with restrictions. (link).

Unless the bidder is Medium Rep or already owns one niche, then a security deposit of $25 will be required. This fee will be refunded, unless the person wins the auction and fails to pay for the Niche.

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