My reputation went down. How do I tell why?

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So after some discussion yesterday about Reputations feeling like on Pause and not going up, ironically I noticed mine went down few points today.


Now the goal of reputation is to push for better content and engagement. How do I tell what caused the dip overall? Was it

  1. Too many posts
  2. Not enough engagement/votes for posts
  3. Downvotes on posts
  4. Downvoted comments?
  5. Too many comments with no upvotes?


I'm worried about last point. If a comment with no response is considered bad, I often reply on comments on my post with appropriate content, and often on other posts. Now if people don't get back to upvote my reply to them, it means I lose points? That would make me think twice about any reply. Especially that replies now are just general mentions.

I'm speculating ofcourse. Like to know more.

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We cannot tell you why your score changed, since we are not monitoring your account.   I can tell you that you will not be penalized for the number of posts you make, so you should never have to worry about doing too much.

My guess is that your quality score went down a little bit, perhaps because of some downvote action, but unless it was a major drop, I personally wouldn't worry about it too much. 

We will be continuing to monitor our reputation code over time, of course, to ensure that things are working properly and I'm sure that there will be adjustments to the formulas as well, especially this first year.

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