Narrative links doesn't load thumbnails on Discord.

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I've created Narrative Community Discord Server.

And I found that Narrative links doesn't load thumbnails like others site links on Discord. I've attached a screenshot of my Steemit and Narrative post links. I checked on other serves too but its not working. 



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Sol_Cycler posted:
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It's strange. Some of the new links works and some doesn't. 


It looks like the one with a thumbnail is a post, which is indexed by Google and the one below without a thumbnail is a profile link, which is not indexed?

I'm not saying this is why exactly, but pointing out the difference, which may help pinpoint the issue.

Also, rendering issue's are usually because of the code on the platform being used to share the links, not where the links come from. So Discord is probably where the problem lies.

I do know that there are settings in Discord which you the admin can turn on/off allowing thumbnails or not and may be there's a setting you missed, which will correct it? Just brainstorming.

I hope you figure it out, but have you talked to Discord Support? They'll be able to tell you what you need to know and if this is an issue outside of the platform.

Good luck

Thanks for heads up. You might be right about profile and post indexing. But today it happened with posts too. I already checked so I think there is nothing at admin end.  I had reported to Discord support and sending it here too. So if it's anything at our end then we can fix it. 


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Cloudflare is intervening from time to time.  The icons not loading should be transient and clear up in a relatively short period of time that happens.   Discord may cache the negative response though, so it might last however long they cache; this I do not know for sure. Either way it really shouldn't last very long at all when it happens.

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