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I would love to see a Narrative marketplace where Narrators can sell digital products. As someone who has published several book and e-book titles, I'd like to be able to offer those titles for NRVE on a special platform for that purpose.

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This is a very wonderful suggestion to create a marketplace to promote ebooks and pages of famous writer community  It will definitely attract famous writer and as they presenting their contents it will bring more readers in narrative 


Robert Nicholson posted:

As a quick-and-dirty approximation of this, you could set up a "Marketplace" niche, where Narrative members could post promos for their products, with links to purchase pages.



That's not a bad idea, but I can see a marketplace niche getting so full that it would be difficult to go through all the messages to find something you want whereas an actual marketplace could be organized into channels for specific types of products. And services. 

Narrators can always trade NRVE for whatever between themselves, but a central marketplace makes it easier to find something specific that you may be looking for.

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