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Hey everyone-

Just want to let you know that things are still on track for issuing the very first Narrative Rewards!  We've got things working in our test environments, but we still need to finish up our front-end interfaces and do more testing, of course.  I have no doubt that the rewards will be processed on or before June 15th, as promised!

A few other side notes:

1. We'll be sending out our monthly newsletter later today.

2. Thinking about some niche appeals we have seen, one common factor has been that the descriptions have been weak. We think that changing the term from "description" to "definition" will help everyone keep in mind that the point is to clarify/define exactly what the niche represents and/or how it is different from a similarly named niche.  The purpose is to have unique SUBJECTS, and thus defining the subjects is important.  Look for that change in the future.

3.  We'll be publishing a detailed post about Narrative Rewards later this week, with the goal of going in-depth on how the Narrative Rewards program works.  This will help set the stage for the actual initial first reward distribution. 


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@Ted, thanks for the update!

About niches, good to see that there's focus on that. Labels matter (unfortunately, sometimes), so the change to the more formal term "definition" can be of help, indeed.

Still, on niches, we probably need more, especially for general niches. "Definition" would still be a problem in case of multiple meanings of the name (the niche could be locked to just one of those meanings, which maybe is not the most common, opening a large door to misunderstandings, discussions, and excess of mischanneled content), nor would solve the problem of consistency across niches, or agreement about the "weight" of the definition in the keep/reject appeals. I know that policies/guidelines have to remain lean and it's not easy to remain in the boundaries of not over-prescriptive, but a more explicit ruling is probably needed there, to prevent discussions and get more solid niche definitions and structure.

Also, a couple of tools would be of help. The in-platform possibility of public negotiation with the owner if changes are needed, before the possible appeal, and a specific appeal for the definition, for example.

That said, any improvement toward a quality niche structure is most welcome, on my side. I think the niche structure is utmost important as a discovery tool and as a reliable channel for narrators.

Great. Received the newsletter, it said 100K NRVEs were sent to the community members, however, me being #8, only received 308 NRVE. 

Kind of surprised I received 308 of 100K?! 

@Mass - I rechecked the data and it is correct.  The list was compiled as of April 2nd activity.  The number of activity points is affected by whether you were a token sale buyer (15% bonus) or a Founder (30% bonus). The distribution after that is not purely rank but pro rata. There were some extraordinarily active people in the top of the list.

I'll send you a PM with a bit more detail. 

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