Narrative should add the feature of Reblogged of post .

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Thanks for everyone here on narrative platform who are continuously contributing great development in narrative and adding new feature in narrative to make it's better contents marketing than other social media.

I have my suggestion which can make naarative more competitive than others.

I think narrative should add Reblogging / Remind of post in homepage of every contents. So that anybody like the contents he should Reblogged the post and the post immediately comes to the person's personal journal and at the same time the post comes automatically to narrative homepage once again like or

By this way the post Reblogged get some extra boost and once again live in the homepage as recently published post.

It's get new readers each time someone Reblogging the post.

Secondly the person Reblogged the post should get some NRV token for it's efforts of Rebloggging.

Many of niche owner didn't get good post in their niche everyday. There should be also a option that a niche owner republished/Reblogged the post and he can put it on his similar /like-minded niche as if he desired. In this way the niche also promoted by that good quality post.

Thanks for everyone here. I am very great full for being part of great narrative community which is mostly governed by it's beloved community members.

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Some kind of reblogging might be good,  but I think with the platform so new, it would be better to see how the voting system holds up over time on it's own. And earlier it was suggested that creators have tipping jars, which might do just as well as reblogging as far as rewards go ... 

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