Narrative Should Used Best Algorithm For Showing All Contents In Home/ Discovery Page With Equal Status. .

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According Narrative Headquarters Its Ok that we can look everyone's post in discovered page. But question is how. Today volume of all contents is low but after sometime narrative have lots of contents some are old and we gets plenty of new contents posted every minute..

So narrative should have certain Algorithm which distinguished old and new and some evergreen quality contents. 

At the same time when numbers of post per hour increased then how all contents are visible in our home page and discovered page.

Its ok we have Recent tag which allows to show new contents.

But at the same if Narrative should implement certain Algorithm which aollowed random flow of contents like follow in their platform which allowed all contents comes to home page after certain time in random manner apart from quality and trending and recently posted. 

Sometimes all trending and quality posted follow in home page and sometimes all posts apart from quality and trending are equally visible by all members..

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