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Help us get to know other creators on Narrative!  

The community section allows us to build our own profiles, with interests, pictures, etc.

We need a similar capability on the main site.

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Yes, even a bio as short as what Twitter allows would go very far in letting us get to know our fellow Narrators better. Even though many of us make introductory posts, they get buried very quickly under other content.

Colleen Ryer posted:
Vico Biscotti posted:

Absolutely. Already suggested a minimal version of it here:


Ah, yes, I remember now Maybe better to have 1 profile to serve both sites.

Mmh... I fear this won't be possible for a while. Narrative and the community are two totally distinct platforms. But we certainly want an extended profile on Narrative.

Also, if you have some fields in mind that could be useful here, in the community, you can make the suggestion. I once suggested the link to the Narrative profile and the Team added it.

I'd like to see a little bit about the people I am following, so as Christina mentioned, even something as succinct as the Twitter profile field, would be a boon for those of us who want to connect more with our fellow Narrators. 

I wouldn't mind being able to simply pin my Introduction post in lieu of a bio with only a few sentences. That way, I get to say a whole lot more and include embedded videos and additional images. It may even become a living document. Something we update yearly or as needed as our posts and writing style change.

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