Need for a few niche categories (organization), with in the draft page.

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On @Rosemary's request I am taking the features from my thread of long list of features wanted and posting them as individual suggestions so that they can get voted for in popularity and marked as in progress, or completed by the @Narrative team.

Some of us will need to stock pile posts, especially niche owners, therefore it would be great on the draft page if we could have a few category separators in order to have some file management systems. For instance I may start drafts when a thought strikes me, like a title and a sentence or two, but need to finish it at a later would be nice to stick that into my Equality niche folder in drafts along with the others, to keep them more organized. Like wise my Vintage Style, and the Interview have a lot of posts waiting for future post dates.

Mentally, being able to categorize in the draft section for top niches, that a person contributes too daily, will be more visually appealing and therefore encourage daily return visits.

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