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Dear all, 

I noticed that today a member named Justin Bieber launched an appeal against my Photography niche. 

Unfortunately I was not notified of this appeal by email or any notifications. Also, when I click on the niche appeal I am unable to make any comments or defend my niche.

So as a suggestion going forwards I think narrative ought to:

Notify niche owners of any appeals against their niche.

Allow comments from niche owners and other narrative members during the appeals process.

Now I would like to defend my niche as this appears to be the only channel available to do so:

Justin Bieber said:

"The description is  a grab-all niche, where anything goes.  Also the owner is not active, who is moderating this?"

Well, clearly I am an active niche owner, otherwise I would have not spotted this appeal on the day it was submitted. I will admit that I was AWOL during the alpha phase, but I had other commitments and saw that the community was doing a great job at helping to build narrative. 

Grab-all niche??? Sounds like someone is pissed that I have a good niche. I own Gaming, Food, Lifestyle, Photography and Humor. I paid ALOT for these niches because I believe they are very good. 

Also, worth noting, separate appeals were submitted today by Daenerys Targaryen (isn't she a bit busy dealing with the white walkers?), John McClane,  Michael Scott and Mike Star. Hmmmmm.

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I do not believe the appeal will succeed, because of its trollish origin, as explained by others. I do agree that niche owners should be notified if an appeal is made against one or more of their niches, though, so they can take action if action is necessary, such as submitting a name/description edit request.

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